Remuneration policy

KTV is focused remuneration policy, concerned about the lives of staff members with the motto created for staff to have a life “full of material and spiritual richness.”


KTV’s remuneration policy is built based on the criteria

  • Commensurate with the results of the work, the value of contributions to the KTV
  • Competition in the market;
  • Encourage increased results and quality of work
  • Fair and transparent.

KTV compensation system is classified into 4 categories including

  • Salary: Salary manufacturing business (12 months)
  • 13th month salary bonus, depending on the business situation of the Group.
  • Allowance: for some job positions served include travel assistance, mobile telephone charges, concurrently;
  • According to business performance bonuses and achievements under the project / work;
  • Welfare: Social insurance / health / unemployment …

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