Audit services adopt a globally consistent audit process that is designed to concentrate on the key areas of risk.

Auditing services have to comply with stringent requirements of the legal system and regulations of each profession and industry.
It is one of our key services. In the current economy, the opinion of the auditor on financial statements is very important to the decision of the business regarding future operations.

Independent auditing in the national economy is the foundation for the sustainable and efficient development of the capital market and financial markets. The quality of independent auditing is vital for investors, shareholders, policymakers and others who believe in the financial reporting process as well as the disclosure of information in the financial statements. As a result, auditors, when equipped with sufficient knowledge of accounting, finance, audit techniques, and professional skepticism, will be the foundation for the formation of an high quality audit.
Our audit method is to focus on the business situation as well as to learn the internal control system of customers. Through that, along with our hands-on experience acquiring during many years of operation, we can offer valuable advice to our clients’ businesses as well as meaningful recommendations to improve their accounting systems and internal control systems.
KTV’s auditing services include:
1. Statutory Audit of Financial Statements;
2. Audit financial statements for special purpose, such as tax-related ;
3. Operation audit;
4. Compliance audit;
5. Internal audit;
6. Review financial statements (including annual financial reports);
7. Review and audit of project financial statements;
8. Perform agreed upon procedures regarding financial information;

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