Recruitment policy

“Just the right people-” the leading principles of employment policy at KTV.

The objective of the Company is aiming to build KTV become a famous brand and international reach. With a staff of dedicated, enthusiastic and energetic recruitment policy so the company always aims to diversify sources of candidates from students outstanding academic achievement to candidates with relevant skills where, with experience, high professional qualifications fit the job requirements. Recruitment be reviewed in view of public interest, the public, irrespective of race, religion, gender and age.


A professional working environment, quality, dynamism and harmony, is the goal that the Board of Directors and all officers and employees of the Company Audit striven KTV is done. In which policy and investment incentives for personnel is the core, the most important.

Understanding this, KTV has adopted a clear roadmap, publicity and science for all positions; rank in the department, such as the construction Chamber audit, financial audit Chamber, Chamber of accounting services, business room …

Specifically the ranks as follows:

– Junior: 1,2,3 (gradually increasing) – For employees working from 1 to the end of 2 years.

– Senior: 1,2,3 (gradually increasing) – For employees working from 2 to 6 years out.

– Manager: 1,2,3 (gradually increasing) – For management deputy / chief departments.

The process and criteria for raising levels issued by the Company and made clear, through serious evaluation criteria of consistency and fairness. This is also the orientation of the Company for the employees determine the path to strive for professional development and asserting itself.

The HR worthwhile criteria are specified as follows: The ability to work; Ability to contribute; The sociable, support colleagues; Working time; Personal prestige.

The company also issued a set of standards for staff as “staff training Regulation”; “Regulations on standards of professional staff”; “Decisions about staff assessment”.

The company strives income KTV really competitive compared to other companies in the same field. The personnel from the second year and older have the capacity, commitment and contribution to the development of the Company shall be entitled to reasonable financial effort they spend. And that contribution is recognized by the trust, vote of peers, customer appreciation, as well as Board of Director of the Company.

In addition to the financial benefits, the employees are also entitled to other non-financial benefits as the Company special spend 100% training fee for the program’s CPA Australia, the US or the UK ACCA, … for staff excellent; That represents culture, appreciation and desire long-term commitment of the company to employees.

Through this KTV believe and hope that, with the investment policy and human resource development as today, the company will have more opportunities to recruit, cooperation and long-term commitment and many talents of Vietnam to jointly go to new victories; successful implementation of the plan of the Company and of each member.

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