Recruitment process

KTV Recruitment process

Step 1:
Submiting job applicationSending CV including personal information, academic progress, experience, goals, personal interests … to the HR Department following methods are prescribeb in the job postings.
Step 2:

Receiving and screening applications

Once candidates submits their applications, we will gather and select applicants who have information that is suitable to the requirements of the position they are applying for. If applications are not appropriate, we will save them as reference for future avalable positions.

Step 3:

Multiple choice test and essay writing test
Candidates will participate in a number of entrance exams:
IQ – Test logical thinking
– GMAT – Short-term computing ability
– English
– Technical exams (corresponding to the position).
– exams will be selected suitable for each vacancy
– There are two forms of entrance examination: online and paper paper at our offices

Step 4:


This is the first official meeting between candidates and our Company. Through this interview, we have more information to evaluate the suitability of candidates for available positions.
Key factors to consider when interviewing candidates include: Communication ability, ability to work (independently or in groups), ability to organize work and planning, ability to think and solve problems, review some of the information in the applications: The process of learning, experience, skills … In this interview, candidates can also ask our company related issues. Depending on the candidate and location, there may be more than one interview. Selected applicants will receive a notice within 10 days of the interview.

Step 5:

Negotiating employment contract

Candidates selected through the interview round will be given a one-on-one appointment to agreement on labor contracts and related issues, including: type of contract, job, salary, working time. All follow-up work is done under the employment contract and guidance of the person in charge and the Human Resources Officer.

Step 6:

Completion of the application after taking job offer

After receiving the job offer, candidates should prepare the following documents and send to HR staff to complete procedures for receiving new employees:
Curriculum Vitae, original or notarized birth certificate, health inspection certificate with rounded marks, validated ID card, copy of Diploma and Degree, Transcripts, 02 photos 03 x 04, 2 photos 04×06.


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