Mr. Ha Minh Kien is an expert in auditing with 17 years experience of working in Vietnam. He is currently the Head of auditing and training department of the Company, directly involved in the financial audit and financial advisory activities of KTV Auditing Limited Company.
Audit Manager
Working experiences
•          From 12/2012 to present: Audit manager of KTV Auditing Limited Company,
•          From 09/2010 to 11/2012: Audit Manager of  International Auditing and Consulting Limited Company;
•          From 09/2006 to 12/2009: Audit Manager of  UHY Auditing and Consulting Services Company;
•          From 11/2004 to 08/2006: Audit Manager of  International Auditing and Financial Consulting Limited Company;
•          From 09/2000 to 10/2004: as an auditor – working for Vietnam Auditing Company (VACO – Deloitte);
•          Perform Finance Statement Auditing for various types of firms, such as transportation companies, mineral coal companies, oil and gas companies, foreign investment and joint stock companies;
•          Perform business valuation for equitization;
•          Perform consulting roadmap for equitization and IPO of companies
Fields of knowledge
•          Auditing Financial Statement and Financial Consultancy for Companies;
•          Advising, analysis and assessing the effectiveness of internal control accounting systems in companies;
•          Vietnamese and international accounting standards;
•           Training Accounting and Auditing standards, Tax laws for staffs in companies;
Education and Professional Qualifications
•          National Auditing Certificate – CPA in 2005;
•          Bachelor of Accounting – National Economics University, in 1998.

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