Unique culture

Business philosophy is seen as the mission of the enterprise’s business. It makes sense as the target speech and orientation for businesses throughout a very long period of development.

Visiting the Tomb of Mrs. Hoang Thi Loan – mother of Uncle

KTV always identify the human resources is the decisive factor in the development of enterprises. Enterprises as business strategy has always considered human resources training and good human use as the center. The form of training is very diverse, but focused on the internal form of training highly practical. The use and promotion of people circulate from the bottom up as well as a form to help employees understand the requirements and characteristics of each location to determine how united they work well together, understand the general process and accountability ultimate responsibility for the past, as well as in the operating advantages after being appointed. He also made way for the class, generations understand each other, help each other and give people the opportunity to attach themselves to a clear roadmap career in business.

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