Staff development

The key to success is to let employees perform the new challenging tasks or work not performed well, increasing responsibility and expectations on their current job.

Concerned about the development needs:

Why managers often do not pay much attention to the development needs of staff.

  • These managers often feel that they do not have time and it is the task of human resource management department. With busy schedules, they will feel that the staff has met your expectations so that you are interested in the period under review the work of the staff periodically. And if employees are not good, they will not want to take the time to provide development resources for employees.
  • In addition, managers often avoid discussions about the development of employees because the discussions are often difficult for many different reasons.
  • Managers would not feel comfortable talking to the employees to work less if there is no clear plan of action to improve the work of the staff.
  • Likewise, if you do not get the chance to develop, managers might avoid talking about professional development with good employees because they do not want to lose staff.


Consequences of ignoring development needs.

Good employees, as well as highly qualified staff can:

  • Feeling neglected and unmotivated. Without development opportunities, morale and motivation of key employees may become impaired. And as a result, they can not focus on work and not try to do more good work.
  • Leave if they do not see growth opportunities. The top staff will seek challenges outside department or your company.

On the other hand, poor staff will:

  • No improvement is the ability to work and maintain poor productivity, affecting other good employees.
  • Negative arises. When they do not have opportunities for advancement are poor workers will share the frustration with others and with hostility.

And for managers. When the development staff ignored you:

  • Ignore the opportunity to guide the development of employees in line with the development of the company.
  • There may be employees who do not work, are not happy.
  • No allowance when good employees leave.

You motivate employees in any way?

In the past, managers often focus efforts on “external factors” – work factors related to the work environment. But this push factors include:

  • Policies and corporate welfare.
  • Working conditions.
  • Salary and Bonus.
  • Job status.

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